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Better flange and chorus effect than the spring reverb. Single patch with high and low frequency distortion controlled by the two threshold settings. The high frequency threshold can be adjusted with bass distortion, vocals and more. Shaped by 4 bands of equalizer, the high pass filter cuts off high frequencies and low pass filters the low frequencies, the gain values control the amount of the control. You can set up to 8 parameter programs with each of the distortion types as well as a chorus/flange effect. Software Requirements Multi-processor for 64-bit Windows OS To use the plugin effects in Kontakt Player, you need to install a 64-bit compatible version of the MIDI Plugin Framework. Click here for information on which version of the plugin framework is compatible with which version of Kontakt. Run DT 424 Demo now Luminent’s DT 424 is a software instrument for your Mac or PC. Every song should be perfect and we know that a great backing track is only the pre-requisite to make a song great. Pitch Shifter® also features: 16 different distortion types Parameters control: Level High Pass Filter cutoff frequency Low Pass Filter cutoff frequency Control and Phase Shift for Phase Shifters Thresholds Resonance time Feedback time Mix balance Mix gain Separate frequency control for overdrive, flange and chorus Four bands equalizer (pre-, post-) Plus more: 8 program assignments Switchable master chorus Key Tracking Intonation Velocity sensitivity Customizable cutoff frequency Customizable resonance Customizable feedback time Customizable overdrive time Customizable MixGain Control Delay Time and Gain Compatible with Kontakt® 4 and 5 When it is time to get serious and turn up the volume, Luminent’s Pitch Shifter® is a state-of-the-art plug-in that puts the fun back in studio work. The Pitch Shifter® is a True Polyphonic instrument created by developers, for developers. It has a robust feature set that will ensure that you can create your work in any musical style imaginable. Pitch Shifter® represents a major evolution in the Pitch Shifting a5204a7ec7

The free u-he distribution is based on the same concept as the originals: the one and only DT-Lab. Delay The delay is designed to play the sounds from the bottom of the preset chain, hence the sound is processed from the "top" to the "bottom". Like the original, one can change the delay times, modulate the delay times with the midi modulator and apply the Envelope to the delay times as well. Like in the originals, the delay can be triggered by a MIDI CC. Additionally, the free u-he distributions has a Ping Pong Delay and a split-delay system. Delay/Modulation The delay can be modulated with a midi CC. Digital Delay Line The signal is processed by the digital delay line. Midi CCs are used to control the delay lines. A similar system is being used for the volume envelope as well. Freq Distortion: The Distortion can be controlled by the midi modulators MIDI Pitch Bend, MIDI Pitch Curves and Velocity. Also, the distribution has a midi self-oscillator. The free u-he distribution offers a multi-effects system to its user. The distortion is currently processed by the pure un-distortion technology and can be switched to the two other distortion plugins for it's additional sound. Distortion: There are six band equalizer to manipulate the sound from the distribution. It can be switched to the four band equalizer available with the Equalizer 3 or the four band equalizer available in the DT 24. Envelope There are two envelope generators connected to the distortion. One envelope generator is the high and one is the low frequency. The attack, decay, sustain and release times can be modulated with the midi modulators MIDI Pitch Bend, MIDI Pitch Curves and Velocity. Generators: The high and low frequency envelope generator are feeding the same distortion plugin. The Envelope can be switched to the Distortion and its envelope. Multiband Equalizer The Distribution has a Multi Band Equalizer in 3 bands. The equalizer can be connected with the Distortion, the envelope, the distortion and the envelope. "Comp & Gate" The Distribution offers the possibility to create a Compressor or Gate. The compressor is connected to the front panel and works with


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